Benefits of Having a Website



According to my point of view and experience ,A website is a collection of web pages representing the data and information of a particular niche hosted on a particular domain. It also helps to build your online presence and brand recognition in your niche that helps you to have authority and increase in reputation.



In this particular article I cant share how to use these platform but yes can mention through which you can prepare your website without coding  and if u think you want any guidance so feel free to comment down

So here goes the list of platform that helps to make your website without doing a single code

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Constant Contact Website Builder
  • Shopify
  • GoDaddy



  1. Higher Credibility:- Having a website represents credibility in the market and increases your reputation in your niche. It helps you to get authority in the market and nowadays having a website for the business represents seriousness for the business and is as equal as having a physical presence in the market to get trust about your business or skills. The website also acts as a useful tool to share crucial information about your niche in the market and also gives you chance to get more opportunities than your competitors.  
  2. Expansion all Around the World:- Gone were the days when a business was not able to grow in other states or out of the country but with the help of website your business, your knowledge gets a wider demographic reach, anyone from any country is now able to find your company, business and be your customer. Having a website has the potential to break out the geographical boundaries and get connected with your potential clients. It also helps you to get profits and expansion at a very less cost as compared to the brick and mortar model.
  3. 24/7 Online Presence Around the Clock:-  If I talk about the traditional way of brick and mortar model of business it wasn’t possible to be available 24/7 for the customers as your physical presence was required to monitor and run the business. But with the help of a website, you can be available for your customers or clients  24/7 and fulfill their requirements. As you can always showcase your services and products with the detailed information and FAQ on your home page of the website that saves your time and customers time at the same moment and you can always keep the e-commerce store ready with the payment gateway to run the business when you might not be available and inquiry form in your website will help you to get the common problems faced by your customer.
  4. Low advertising cost and Targeted Marketing:- Having an online presence with a website will surely save your expenses on the traditional way of marketing i.e Hoardings and pamphlets. Setting up a website that showcases your products and services advertise with Google or Facebook Ads to reach your potential customers are much cheaper than traditional marketing. It also gives measurable data that helps you to plan for your advertisement budgets. SEO done for your site gives an organic reach and clients that cost you zero and the clients who come from organic reach have more chances to convert into your paying clients. 
  5. Customer Insights:- With the advancement of tools you can keep an eye on your customer’s behavior performed over your website. You can get to know what are the products or services that attract more customers and what are the barrier between you and your customer, feedback form on your website gives a great opportunity to understand your customers. You also get a data where you comes to know about most time spend by your customer in your site and what are the least points where your customers come in your website. Tracking all these moments help you to understand their interest areas and pain points. 
  6. Information resource of your business:- Website also act as an information tool for the business and the customers. You can put your niche-related information on your site, your contact information, testimonial, feedbacks, and the latest updates of your niche. Setting up a blog on your website which provides fresh and latest articles about your niche or the latest news about your niche will give you an extra advantage over your competitor. It is also the best place to announce your hiring and promote your social media channels.  
  7. Help to get Leads and Sales:- website also helps you to get the leads for your online business. You need to list your products and services on the website and later drive traffic and convert them into your customers. You can create the sales funnel and automate it so while you are not available, still you can get the sales into your business. This is the best benefit of making your online presence through the website. You can also nurture your leads with various methods and tactics.
  8. Help you to get Growth:-  It helps you to appear quickly in the market on a very less budget and get good growth. To attract investors and clients you can also showcase your achievements and future goals on the website. Review with your existing customer satisfaction will attract new customers into your business.
  9. Helps to build your Community:- In today’s era if you have a community that helps you to tell the market need and follows you faithfully then there are very few chances to get fail in the market. Having your website helps you to get the community in the form email list. You can nurture your email list and it is proven email marketing gets better results than your paid advertisement. 
  10. Helps to grow your brand recognition:- According to a survey customers trust the brand seriously that have a website instead of the social pages and are more likely to transact with the brands owning a website. The website gives you the authority and increases your rapport in the market and nowadays branding has been one of the major parts, so websites help you to grow your brand and make them recognizable all around the world. 


So here we come to a conclusion, there are all the pros to make the website and I didn’t found any disadvantage to having a website. Owning your website will always help you to grow and will be added as the assets of your company and if u find any disadvantage of having the website then do comment down.  

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