What is Digital Marketing

After reading lots of articles, books, and watching videos about digital marketing I get to know that the meaning and definition of digital marketing was explained a bit typical and somewhere incomplete but here I am with my version of the simple definition and meaning of digital marketing that will tell you the complete meaning of it.

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Digital marketing is the component of marketing done through digital channels or over the internet for the brands to connect with their potential customer is known as digital marketing.

It often appears on your mobile, laptop, tablet, computer screen while you operate any social media site. It can appear in the form of online videos, social media posts, or display ads.

Pay-per-click, SEO, Email Marketing, SEM, content marketing are a few examples of digital marketing.



It’s more cost-effective It’s not cost-effective.
It is fast and efficient for brand building It is not so good for brand building
It’s measurable It’s difficult to measure
Real-time results Estimate results
What do people think about us? It is very difficult to know what people are thinking about us.
Always online 24×7 Not Always online.

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